TurboTax for Business
-- by Joel Patz, Reviews Editor

Use the Right Mouse

You can access most of TurboTax's program functions simply by clicking on the right mouse button.

Step by Step

Use the EasyStep feature to streamline the interview process and save time completing your return. The program uses your answers to determine which tax forms and sections of those forms must be completed. EasyStep also offers information about tax regulations and provides definitions of key tax terms along the way.

Links to the Ledger

TurboTax's TaxLink feature lets you import your Quicken or QuickBooks data into your tax return. Use this feature to review the accuracy of your data before importing it into your return.

State of the Union

You can purchase, then download, your state tax forms from the TurboTax Web site (http://www.intuit.com/turbotax/ttaxforbusiness.html) and quickly transfer data from your federal return to the state return.

Same Time, Next Year

If you used TurboTax last year, save time by transferring data from last year's return to this year's using the new Transfer Report. After transferring the information, you can review it and delete what no longer applies to the current tax year.

So Far, So Good?

At any point in the program, you can see a summary of your tax return. The pop-up window displays key figures (such as total income, Section 179 deductions and how much you've overpaid or still owe Uncle Sam). Select Tools/Tax Summary or press Ctrl+T to see this information.

Inside Info from the Pros

For money-saving pointers, tap into TurboTax for Business' online resources--such as J.K. Lasser's Tax Deductions for Small Business and Tax Savvy for Small Business, IRS publications and video tax advice from experts.

Personal Business

You can use TurboTax for Business to prepare both your business (Schedule C) and personal taxes. When you're installing the program and it asks what forms you want to fill out, select "1040 federal tax return."This version is nearly identical to the personal version except that it offers additional help for the sole proprietor.

Four Quarters Make It Whole

For help filing quarterly taxes, use the Interview or Forms mode to determine your estimated taxes for the coming year. TurboTax for Business will print the 1040ES forms that you must include with your quarterly payments.

If It's Not April 14 ...

You don't have to complete your return in one sitting. Stop at any time, and the next time you start up the program, TurboTax will open where you left off.

Form Follows Function

To print a new form, select Forms/Open a Form, scroll to the form you want (such as W4), open it and print it.

Play It Again, Sam

If you want to view one of TurboTax's helpful videos but don't remember where it was in the program, go to Video Library in the online help for a list of all the video topics. Click on the one you want and the program will automatically play it.

End of the Affair

To uninstall TurboTax programs, use the icon in the program group or, within the program itself, click on the Planning tab, scroll to the end and select Uninstall TurboTax.

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