Peachtree Complete Accounting
-- by Joel Patz, Reviews Editor

Font Flair

To change the font of every object on a form, drag the mouse down all row descriptors (the buttons on the left side of the form) to turn all buttons dark gray, then click the mouse on an area of the form where there are no objects. From the pop-up menu select Font and make your selection from the list.

Logo Logic

Add a logo to your invoices and checks. In Forms Design, click on the Pic button on the toolbar. Move your cursor over the area where you want the art object (logo) placed. Type the filename of the picture in the dialog box. Peachtree allows bitmap objects, so select the appropriate BMP file and click on OK.

Keeping Count To quickly

determine how many inventory items or customers are in your database, select Help/File Statistics. The information is displayed in the Number of Records column.

Inventory Clones

To use one inventory item as a template for a new item, display the inventory item you want to copy using the Maintain Inventory Items window. Replace the existing item ID with a new item ID. When you click on the Save button, the new ID is saved with the old information, including the Bill of Materials (but not Quantity on Hand).

Accounting for Disk Space

Once you've set up your company, you can reclaim up to 8MB of disk space. Look for the IMAGE directory under the \PEACHW directory (the default installation directory). The BMP images there are used only during New Company Setup and may be deleted. Warning: If you delete these files, you'll have to reinstall the program to create a new company.

A Remote Possibility

If your company enters data at multiple locations, use import/export to consolidate the data. Designate one location as the "host"and all others as "remote"sites. Remote locations can export daily information and transfer the files via modem or ftp to the host location. From there you can use the File/Import command to consolidate the information.

Unbalanced Balance Sheet

To add page breaks to balance sheets (or other financial statements) and keep key information on the same page, go into the Design mode of Financial Statements and position the mouse on the Text/Body box where you want the page break. Right-click, select Properties from the pop-up menu and place a check in the box that appears next to "Page break after printing text."

In the Beginning ...

You can enter beginning balances for customers, employees, vendors, inventory items and accounts at any time. But what you enter is for historical purposes only--it doesn't affect your general ledger.

Turn on a Time

On the pop-up calendar that's available at most Date fields, use the Page Up key to move back a month and Page Down to move forward a month. If you also hold down the Ctrl key, you'll move in yearly increments.

Don't Fill in the Blanks

To print checks and invoices correctly, leave the check or invoice number fields blank. Peachtree will take care of the sequential numbers. Otherwise, the program will think the check or invoice was already issued and will print Duplicate on it.

To Tab or to Enter

Peachtree Complete Accounting lets you use either the Tab key or the Enter key to move to the next field. To back up, use either Shift+Enter or Shift+Tab.

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