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Cover Story
WebPrinter 2.0 and WebSeeker 2.0

-- by Lenny Bailes

Although we weren't impressed with ForeFront's new version of WebWhacker, the company also sells two other useful Web utilities.

WebPrinter is a handy little package that lets you print Web pages (or other files) as attractive duplexed booklets. The program installs a printer driver that intercepts output from Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer or any other Windows application, and then feeds files to the Web Printer layout interface. Two default layouts are included: a standard landscape booklet and a portrait flipbook. Another ForeFront product, ClipBook, provides other preconfigured layouts. The ClipBook formats let you print documents as pocket-address books, trifold brochures, business cards and so forth.

WebSeeker is ForeFront's offline search engine utility that adds a convenient "Find on the Internet" button to the Windows 95 Find options on the Start menu; you can also run searches by opening the application.

Enter a keyword phrase and WebSeeker will query up to 23 major Web search directories. Search results are written to an HTML page you can view with your browser. WebSeeker is fast and efficient. It automatically removes duplicate site references from the search results, and you can switch on a filter for additional screening.

After performing a search, WebSeeker can save HTML links that match your query for browsing on your hard disk. You can further refine searches on the downloaded material. WebSeeker does let you repeat individual keyword searches at scheduled intervals. Each time you launch a query, the program will compare the new results with the previously constructed index. You can filter the results to review old search information, view only changed information, or view a combination of the old and new results.

W Info File

WebPrinter 2.0
Price: $24.95
Pros: Prints pages as duplex booklets
Cons: Only two layouts included with program
Disk Space: 1MB

WebSeeker 2.0
Price: $49.95
Pros: Advanced queries on multiple search engines
Cons: Links to results entries not downloaded to local machine
Disk Space: 10MB
The ForeFront Group
800-653-4933, 713-961-1101
Circle #866 or visit Winfo Online
WinMag Box Score: 3.5

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