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Cover Story
Smart Bookmarks 3.0

-- by Lenny Bailes

As its name suggests, this program excels at managing and working with URL bookmarks. Smart Bookmarks 3.0 can also save copies of Web sites on demand, but only two internal and external link levels are followed. This feature, however, proved erratic when retrieving pages with HTML 3.0 frames.

Smart Bookmarks includes a new smart updating feature called Who's On First, a downloading agent that checks FirstFloor's Web site for bookmarks to hot new sites. These bookmarks are retrieved and regularly updated in a supplementary set of Hot Sites folders. You can easily view Smart Bookmarks' bookmark tree from within your browser with a single mouse click.

When you download a copy of a bookmarked site, Smart Bookmarks can grab up to two levels of links. We successfully retrieved text, images and simple multimedia (WAV and MIDI files) from sites without frames. But Smart Bookmarks couldn't display multiframed pages when offline. The program also couldn't reliably capture or display embedded QuickTime, Shockwave or Java objects, or download messages from a conference site.

Smart Bookmarks has a scheduling utility that will monitor and retrieve changed pages at program startup, manually or on a daily, hourly or minute-by-minute basis. The program can query 10 popular Internet search directories (singly) and save the results (plus two link levels) to disk.

W Info File

Smart Bookmarks 3.0
Price: $34.95; upgrade, $19.95
Pros: Web search engine support; network support; sample URL bookmarks
Cons: Only two link levels; problems viewing framed pages offline
Disk Space: 5MB
FirstFloor Software
800-639-6387, 415-968-1101
Circle #864 or visit Winfo Online
WinMag Box Score: 3.0

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