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New browsers from Netscape and Microsoft, and a bevy of browser utilities, will change the way you use the Web.
A New Breed of Browsers Browser Boosters

The way you work on the Web is going to change--forever. Netscape and Microsoft continue to go head-to-head with hot new products that blend browsing and a desktop environment with one-click access to files no matter where they are--on a Web site, an intranet, your corporate network or your own hard disk.

Of course, you'll need the 32-bit power of Win95 to enjoy these new workspace perks, but if you're still cruising with Win3.x, there's good news for you also. With its new Internet Explorer 3.0 for Windows 3.1, Microsoft is turning a warmer shoulder toward Win3.x users. IE 3.0 for 3.1 adds another option to the 16-bit browser field with features comparable to those of the best browsers currently available. This browser supports Web site niceties such as enhanced HTML formats, sound, Java, Active Scripting and Netscape 16-bit plug-ins. But Microsoft's IE for 3.x does more than just match the competition--it also advances the state of the art of 16-bit browsing with its excellent interface, low RAM requirement and unbeatable price ... it's free.

Whatever browser you use, you've undoubtedly run into the Web's "wall" from time to time. With so much information available on the Web, it's not surprising that a browser sometimes falls short when it comes to conveniently and efficiently accessing and using the treasure trove of online information. Luckily, several software developers offer utility programs that endeavor to fill those gaps. We tested some of the more popular packages--programs that make it easier to capture a page or an entire site, to automatically note and record changes to a site, to print Web pages and even to pep up your browser's performance. All this adds up to what might be the most significant set of new products to hit the desktop since the Web became a way of life for Windows users. Your next journey into cyberspace is bound to be a very different experience.

There must be 100 ways to turbocharge your browser, and we've got 'em all on our Web site at http://www.winmag.com/features/turbo.

-- by Rich Castagna

A New Breed of Browsers