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HiJaak Pro 4.0

-- by Cynthia Morgan

It seems like HiJaak, the venerable screen capture/graphics file conversion program, has been around for centuries. Now owned by equally venerable Quarterdeck, the utility's latest update boosts it into the Internet era, with new Web compatibility, better integration with Windows 95's own graphics file handling and improved PostScript compatibility.

A full 32-bit program, HiJaak Pro 4.0 can capture and save, or convert existing files, to virtually any format you need, from TIF and GIF to PostScript. The package can scan just about any TrueType font, then register those fonts with Win95, something that's often difficult for high-end graphics package users. Best of all, HiJaak finally lets you preview those hard-to-get-right PostScript files before you send them to a service bureau.

I primarily use HiJaak for screen capture, and the program still does a good job here. It lets me build catalogs of important screen-shots, as well as other electronic art files, and I can sort and search them with simple commands.

The only reservation I have about the program is its price tag. I'll have to do a lot of conversions to justify spending nearly $300 for a niche utility.

W Info File

Price: $279
Quarterdeck Corp.
800-354-3222, 310-309-3700
Circle #824 or visit Winfo Online
WinMag Box Score: 4.0

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 181.

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