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Starfish Internet Sidekick

-- by James E. Powell

Sidekick now has Web'ed feet. This new version, appropriately called Internet Sidekick, schedules appointments using Internet e-mail. On the revised Activities screen, tabbed pages separate Appointments, Calls, To Do items and Internet Events. The last tab shows you what appointments are requested via e-mail; such requests are built from a six-step wizard. Your attendee receives a message and replies by checking a Decline or Accept box. When the program retrieves your e-mail, it updates the attendee list. The wizard adds the appointment to your calendar automatically. Internet Sidekick lets you launch a URL from your contact file. Support for Caller ID and synchronization with hand-held devices are other new enhancements.

While I had no trouble using Sidekick with Microsoft's Internet Mail and my local ISP, the beta I tested refused to work with Microsoft Exchange.

If you want to merge an easy-to-use address book and calendar with Internet e-mail, make a date with Internet Sidekick.

W Info File

Price: $69
Starfish Software
888-STARFISH, 408-461-5800
Circle #823 or visit Winfo Online
WinMag Box Score: 4.0

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 181.

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