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VIP OnNet32 2.0
OnNet Offers Tip-Top TCP/IP Connectivity

-- by Lenny Bailes

VIP OnNet32 provides enhanced TCP/IP network support that's better than Microsoft's basic built-in utilities for Windows 95.

If you've ever attempted to use Win95's basic networking features to maintain simultaneous LAN and dial-up Internet connections, you know it can be a chore. OnNet32's TCP/IP protocol stack can run in multiple instances, allowing a workstation to simultaneously retain separate IP addresses for a network adapter, modem and ISDN connection. The Dialer-Connection manager lets you set up profiles for asynchronous modems, ISDN cards, null-modem cables and CDPD devices. The enhanced TCP/IP protocol stack also supports many features not available with Win95's standard TCP/IP connection, including BootP Internet log-ons, SOCKS security, and the IPv6 and Mobile IP additions to the TCP/IP protocol standard.

The package includes a set of adequate Internet client tools. The Web browser, a licensed version of NCSA's 32-bit Mosaic, lacks support for Netscape 2.0's frames and JavaScript applications. The Usenet newsreader and ftp clients are unexceptional. I was impressed by the TNVT Plus Telnet program, which supports various terminal emulations and file-transfer protocols. Additional programs include the Personal Web Server, ftp server and NFS network client, as well as a backup program, a multiple-format file viewer, an e-mail client and a remote copy utility.

For $450 for a single-user license, you're really buying this package's increased TCP/IP functionality and bundled server applications.

W Info File

VIP OnNet32 2.0
Price: $450; 10-pack license, $3,785
Pros: Excellent TCP/IP functionality
Cons: Unexceptional browsing tools
Disk Space: 41MB
Platforms: 95, NT
FTP Software
800-282-4387, 508-685-4000
Circle #645 or visit Winfo Online
WinMag Box Score: 3.0

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 170.

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