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NEC MultiSync P750
P750 Boosts New NEC Technology

-- by Deborah Wong

NEC Technologies' CromaClear technology, which combines shadow mask and aperture-grille design in a slot mask, is the hallmark of the company's new line of flat-square MultiSync monitors. The 17-inch MultiSync P750 boosts this technology to new heights.

The P750 has an active viewing area of 15.6 inches with a tight 0.25mm mask pitch (with this technology, the term "dot pitch" is no longer appropriate). With a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 at 75Hz, graphic artists receive stunning images and color. When tested at its optimal resolution, using Sonera Technologies' DisplayMate test suite, the P750 impressed me with its excellent screen uniformity, regulation and color convergence. Geometric or moire distortion and video bandwidth gave me some trouble. When tested at its recommended resolution, 1280x1084 at 85Hz, the results were a tad better.

On-screen controls on the monitor's face let you adjust screen geometry, including 13 image aspects, color temperature and language settings. The P750 also provides a lock-out feature to prevent undesired access. NEC added a moire canceler circuit to its OSD to counteract the moire that appears with certain applications. There's also a BNC/D-sub for toggling between two monitors or systems.

The MultiSync P750 measures 15.9 by 16.9 by 17.7 inches and weighs 44 pounds. It comes with a three-year warranty, Plug-and-Play and VESA DPMS compatibility, and it meets Energy Star standards.

This is a good, albeit expensive, monitor. But given a choice between this unit and the almost $400-cheaper Princeton EO70, currently on our Recommended List, I'd stick with the Princeton.

W Info File

NEC MultiSync P750
Price: $1,049
Pros: Screen uniformity; color intensity
Cons: Moire distortion
Platforms: 3x, 95
NEC Technologies
800-NEC-INFO, 708-775-7900
Circle #625 or visit Winfo Online
WinMag Box Score: 4.0

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 138.

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