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It's more modem than mortarboard, but it may be the easiest way to earn a college degree. Check out these online university resources to learn more about the Internet's latest craze-distance learning.


The Internet University is a good starting point. It provides a comprehensive index of online courses and the colleges that offer them.


The Christopher Newport University Online offers various degrees and core studies, including criminal justice and legal studies. Students may register for a maximum of 18 credits (online and classroom) in the seven-and-a-half or 15-week terms.


The University of Phoenix online degree program targets working adults and offers degrees in business, management and technology. Students must dial in and participate five days each week.


Ease of use should be the motto for the University of Paisley's OnLine Education program.The school provides all online students with a PC (desktop or notebook), modem, printer and preloaded software. Tutors are available in person and via the online forum.

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 305.

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