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Windows on the Web
Web Watch
Tips, Tricks and Some Site-Seeing, Too

The Web can be A safety net when it comes to learning Windows 95's subtleties and hidden features.

Point your browser in the direction of Jim Setterlund's site (http://www.netaccess.on.ca/~jsetter/win95.html) and enjoy the Win95 desktops look on a page that offers a scrolling daily tip. This faux desktop's four "folders" lead to even more information. Monthly Tips provides a useful tip with detailed explanations and screenshots for each month of the year, while Software Sources contains links to sites where you can download Win95 add-ins and utilities. The Help Sources and Other Folder link to even more sites offering Win95 help.

If your Windows work is decidedly Web-centric, drop in on Club IE (http://www.clubie.com). Maintained by an international users group, this site has tips, help and support for Microsoft's Internet Explorer and related technologies such as ActiveX, Java and VB Script. Click on the Technical Docs button to access a variety of white papers and other technical data.

Club IE's 10 teams maintain their own pages in which they describe and demonstrate different ways to exploit IE's capabilities. Not surprisingly, Club IE runs only on-you guessed it-Internet Explorer.

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 305.

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