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NT Enterprise
Product Pipeline


NetVision's systems management software lets you synchronize individual and group account information, passwords and policies.

Starts at $995 for 25 NT-user license and one network server


801-785-5190, fax 801-785-8464

Sharp AO-4100P

The 40-page-per-minute multihost network printer has a 33MHz RISC processor and 28MB of memory, measures 48 by 26 by 25 inches and weighs 350 pounds.


Sharp Electronics Corp.

800-BE-SHARP, 201-529-9600

BounceBak 4

This disaster-recovery software lets you recover a NetWare server without having to reload NetWare. Parallel Storage Solutions claims you can restore a 2GB server in 15 minutes and a 9GB server in under an hour.

50 users, $795; 100 users, $895; unlimited users, $995

Parallel Storage Solutions

800-998-7839, 914-347-7044


Control user access to information through a Web-based administrative console with this enterprise security-management system. It includes an Authentication Server and Authorization Server, along with an Administration Component.

From $20 to $50 per user


617-890-1700, fax 617-487-7791

ALR Datastation-

The eight-drive subsystem is an expandable option to ALR's Evolution workstations and Revolution multiprocessor servers. It supports eight hot-swappable disk drives for storage capacities up to 72GB using 9GB drives or 63GB in a RAID 5 configuration.



800-444-4ALR, 714-581-6770


This network acceleration utility now provides a performance boost for network file functions on NT servers.

For Pentium or Pentium Pro, $495; for DEC Alpha server, $1,295

Asante Technologies

800-662-9686, 408-435-8388

Diskeeper 2.0

The disk defragmenter utility now works with NT 4.0.

NT Workstation, $125; NT Server, $399

Executive Software

800-829-4357, 818-547-2050


This NT RAID solution offers up to 160GB of capacity, combining up to four DLT 4000 or DLT 2000XT drives, Cheyenne backup software, a 5.25-inch storage enclosure, Fast/Wide SCSI host adapter and cabling.

Starts at $24,000

Storage Dimensions

408-954-0710, fax 408-944-1200

Rational Rose 4.0

Rational's family of visual modeling tools for building enterprise applications supports the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Its open application interface allows integration with any object-oriented app-construction tools.

For Windows, $2,400; for UNIX, starts at $6,000

Rational Software Corp.

800-728-1212, 408-496-3600

Wyse Winterm 4000

Network Computers

These Enhanced Network Computers (ENC) execute Java applets and access Windows apps. The thin-client system uses the JavaOS licensed from Javasoft and StrongARM chip from Digital.

From $699 to $1,699

Wyse Technology

800-GET-WYSE, 408-473-1200

Amazon 2.0

The development tool lets you convert legacy data from across the enterprise into Web sites. It features intelligent load balancing and supports NT, UNIX and OS/2 Web servers.

Starts at $2,495 per developer seat; $2,500 per application server

Intelligent Environments

617-272-9700, fax 617-272-9300

Prospero 1.5

The enterprise application software has improved database editor and access functionality, Web and OLE capabilities, and a new task scheduler. Prospero integrates information from desktop applications, groupware and Web sites to relational databases.

Standard Developer version, $695; Professional Developer, $2,395

Oberon Software

617-494-0990, fax 617-494-0414

ConfigSafe NT

Imagine LAN's program tracks changes you and your apps make to your NT Registry, configuration files, file versions, system hardware and network connections.

From $99.95 for single system to $2,499 for 100-system site

imagine LAN

800-372-9776, 603-889-3883

Double-Take NT

The enterprise storage and management software provides real-time open file backup.

$1,875 for server pair

Network Specialists

201-656-2121, fax 201-656-2727

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page NT18.

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