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NT Enterprise
Digital Prioris HX 6000
Serve Up NT Applications

After hitting a few financial bumps, Digital is trying to get back on track with its new Prioris HX 6000 family of 200MHz Pentium Pro application servers.

Digital is positioning the servers for Internet/intranet applications, large databases, messaging, groupware and communications gateways.

The servers are optimized for NT Server and offer optional support for Digital Clusters for Windows NT technology, which can interlink two Digital servers to improve system redundancy and reliability.

Also standard are up to 512KB of level 2 cache, integrated dual ultrawide SCSI controllers, integrated PCI Fast Ethernet and graphics, up to 1GB of ECC-protected EDO memory, 63GB of internal storage, hot-swappable drives, a real-time diagnostic display panel and redundant fans for minimized downtime.

Starts at $6,000

Digital Equipment Corp.

1-800-DIGITAL, 508-493-5111

Circle #816 or visit Winfo Online

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page NT15.

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