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The Internet claimed another casualty as CompuServe killed its family-friendly, Web-centric consumer service WOW! after less than a year online.

Intel announced new socket technology aimed at Pentium Pro PCs. That could be bad news for cloners like AMD/NexGen and Cyrix.

One of Microsoft's DirectX APIs is making quite a racket. Nearly 30 of the biggest independent hardware vendors in the sound arena showed up for a review of the software giant's DirectSound 3D version 5.

Developers seem to love the idea of Apple doing Windows. First, QuickDraw 3D for 32-bit Windows (oh yeah, and the MacOS), won the Best of Show award at Comdex/Fall. Then, Adobe, Broderbund, Cinebase, Intergraph and Equilibrium joined the third-party co-development team of Apple's QuickTime 2.5 for Windows. Macromedia, Media 100 and Truevision are also continuing their relationship with Apple by accelerating the development of QT 2.5.

Mitsubishi Electronics and Diba unveiled plans to collaborate on a platform that reduces component costs of "information appliances" by up to 50 percent. That could cut product prices to under $300. The platform will be available in the second quarter of 1997.

NT on portables becomes more viable with each passing day. Phoenix Technologies debuted a new BIOS and other extensions for improving NT's performance and power management on laptops.

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 55.

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