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New Products
Presto Multimedia Suite
Make Screaming Scenes on Screen

Even if you're not a video-editing professional, you may need to digitally edit videos for presentations, Web pages or other business purposes. NewSoft's Presto Multimedia Suite gives you tools to edit video and multimedia on your PC without having to buy expensive video equipment. It can run on most PCs and costs less than $100.

The suite consists of Presto VideoWorks video- and audio-editing software, the Presto MediaPlayer control panel for CDs and multimedia files, Presto ImageFolio image-editing software and special effects, Presto PageManager scanning software, Kai's Power Goo imaging software and Presto MediaClips.

VideoWorks provides video/audio capture, playback and editing capabilities, as well as more than 150 special effects.



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Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 84.

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