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New Products
Quantum Bigfoot CY
A Quantum Leap In App Space

Would it take a shoehorn to squeeze one more thing onto your hard drive? The Quantum Bigfoot CY and Quantum Pioneer SG give your apps and data elbow room.

The Bigfoot CY is a 5.25-inch high-capacity drive with a magnetoresistive head; it comes in 2.1GB, 4.3GB and 6.4GB configurations. The 3.5-inch Pioneer SG drive uses Dynamic Cache Allocation, and comes in 1GB and 2.1GB capacities.

Bigfoot CY 2.1, $225; 4.3, $310; 6.4, $395; Pioneer SG 1.0, $180; 2.1, $235

Quantum Corp.

800-624-5545, 408-894-4000

Circle #600 or Visit Winfo Online

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 82.

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