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New Products
EXP HD Traveler
Pocket-Sized Power

Want an extra 2GB on your portable PC? The EXP HD Traveler provides it in the form of a pocket-sized external hard drive that connects to your computer via Type I PC Card. The unit measures 1.1 by 2.8 by 6 inches, weighs 12 ounces and works off your notebook's battery. It supports Plug and Play, and you can remove and insert it without rebooting.

The unit has a 128KB buffer, a 13ms average seek time and comes in 1GB, 1.3GB and 2GB capacities. The drive makes it easy to upgrade your notebook's storage space, because it adds to, rather than replaces, the computer's existing hard disk.

The HD Traveler supports all Windows platforms. It also includes a built-in game port adapter to connect a joystick or game pad to your notebook.

1GB, $355; 1.3GB, $399; 2GB, $665

EXP Computer

800-EXP-NYCA, 714-453-1020

Circle #599 or Visit Winfo Online

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 82.

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