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New Products
In Brief

PowerChute plus 5.0, UPS monitoring software for Windows NT, will shut down unattended Web servers in case of a failure. Its WebAlert plug-in inserts a frame in a user's Web browser to warn of an impending shutdown of the host server. PowerChute plus lets you monitor your Web server UPS from anywhere on the Internet.


American Power Conversions

800-877-4080, 401-789-5735

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The SL Waber UPStart Network battery back-up includes Save-and-Restore Software that automatically activates during an outage to save all open files, shut down and reboot the system, and restore data. UPStart Network 350 stores enough battery power to keep most systems running at least 15 minutes, and Network 550 provides an average 30 minutes of runtime.

UPStart Network 350, $199; UPStart Network 550, $249

SL Waber

800-634-1485, 609-866-8888

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The Deltec PowerWorks ET modular range of UPS systems features hot-swappable batteries, PowerPass surge suppression, Cell Saver for increased battery life and an automatic bypass switch. It comes with LanSafe III 3.6 power management software.

Starts at $999; LanSafe III 3.6 standalone, starts at $99

Deltec Electronics Corp.

800-DELTEC-1, 619-291-4211

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Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 80.

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