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New Products
FileNet Ensemble
Go with the Workflow

Does all that paper shuffling slow your workflow to a trickle? With the help of the Internet, FileNet Ensemble can get things moving again.

The program works with Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise 4.1 or higher to help manage daily business tasks. Visually define the workflow by dragging and dropping icons of team members (you can include remote workers) and connecting them by drawing routes. Create routes for documents to follow; provide each team member with individual instructions, define responses and set security levels. Work items are sent via e-mail. After finishing a task, a team member clicks the Done button and the work moves to the next person on the chain.

FileNet Ensemble can attach URLs to workflows; click on the identified URL to launch an associated Web browser and page.

$995 for 5-user license

FileNet Corp.

800-345-3638, 714-966-3400

Circle #571 or Visit Winfo Online

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 80.

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