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New Products
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Mapping Software

Get a bird's-eye view of the United States with 3-D Explorer USA. Using topographical information culled from the U.S. Geological Survey, the mapping program provides flight-simulated, 3-D aerial views of the continental U.S. Choose your elevation, speed or direction of travel, and adjust light settings to reflect different times of day. Load in any GPS route created with DeLorme's Street Atlas USA 4.0 and play it back on 3-D maps.



800-452-5931, 207-865-1234

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BusinessMAP 2.0 takes business information from databases, contact managers, spreadsheets and electronic phone books, and transforms it into pushpin and color maps. Providing more than 28 million street segments for all U.S. cities and towns, BusinessMAP can create targeted mailing lists, and sales and service territories. It can also analyze demographic markets, market concentrations and sales revenues in specific areas.

$99.95; upgrade, $49.95


800-465-8975, 972-664-0456

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MapSheets helps you create maps and charts from your desktop. You can quickly illustrate continental satellite images, shaded elevation backdrops, state and county boundaries, and U.S. cities. Pull geographic information directly from Microsoft Office into map documents, and access map files with the program's drag-and-drop capability.



404-248-9000, fax 404-248-9400

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Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 78.

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