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New Products
OmniTrader 2.5
Trade Stocks Right from Home

Automated technical analysis tool OmniTrader 2.5 brings the market to your desktop. It analyzes stocks, mutual fund futures and options to determine your best opportunities.

Through trendline charting and support/resistance levels, you can categorize and display investment patterns. OmniTrader generates and confirms the best buy/sell signals by using Trendline Breakouts, Money Flow, Divergence, Stochastics, MACD and RSI, and other trading systems. The Focus List displays the securities selected, generates a filtered trading signal based on the systems used and shows an Advisor Rating ranking the strength and reliability of that signal. A built-in multiple-account portfolio can scan several brokerage accounts.


Nirvana Systems

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Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 78.

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