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New Products
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Web Mastering

Transform your intranet into a broadcast center with I-Server. I-Server sits behind a corporate firewall and lets department managers broadcast company news, earnings releases, policies, sales data and more, directly to employees' workstations via an intranet. You can add up to 10 PointCast Network Internet channels to a workstation.



888-269-6726, 408-253-0894

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WebCrusader integrates with Netscape Navigator and SuiteSpot to help create secure, mission-critical corporate intranets. WebCrusader provides SuiteSpot users fine-grained access control and document authentication. It also acts as an application development environment for authoring database-driven content.

Connect Client, $75; Connect Server, Security Authority and SecureappEngine, $1,500 each

Gradient Technologies

800-525-4343, 508-624-9600

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If you Build-IT, will they come? Build-IT lets Web developers and content creators work together to create application components, assemble them into cohesive applications, and deploy and maintain them. You can manage HTML pages, Java applets, ActiveX controls, graphics and databases from a single interface.

$2,495 per seat

Wallop Software

415-341-1177, fax 415-341-1717

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TrustedLink INP 1.1 lets you set up shop on the Internet with its Web site builder, Netscape browser, Internet access and secure site hosting on Harbinger's server.

Setup, $195; monthly hosting fee, $50

Harbinger Corp.

800-367-4272, 404-467-3000

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Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 76.

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