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New Products
QuickSite Developer's Edition
Master Even the Most Complex Sites

Managing a large-scale Web site is a daunting task. QuickSite Developer's Edition can ease the burden. This tool includes all the functionality of the popular Standard Edition, but adds a feature set aimed at professionals struggling to maintain complex sites.

With a mouse-click, the underlying Database Component Architecture lets you make global, sectional or single-page modifications through a call to a Windows DLL or EXE file. Based on a variety of DigitalStyle templates, the included graphics factory lets you create custom graphics and style elements. DeltaPoint has added Virtus' 3D Web Site Builder, a visual VRML tool, to help you add further dimension to your site. The Developer's Edition also ships with the QuickScript macro language and project reporting capabilities so that you can track work status.



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Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 76.

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