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New Products
In Brief

SuperMonitor keeps an eye on your computer's memory resources, whether in Windows or in a specific program. This utility tracks GDI, RAM, virtual memory and DOS usage.


Tessler's Nifty Tools


SnoopEZ monitors system functions in real time. This Plug-and-Play panel provides digital signal monitoring for hardware functions. Watch your computer receive data transfers and make connections without requiring additional software.



800-588-8272, 619-593-2663

Circle #619 or Visit Winfo Online

Create your own Help menus with RoboHELP 4. This authoring tool uses Microsoft Word 7 to customize help for Windows or HTML. Its WinHelp Internet Access builds Web pages and includes Microsoft and Netscape HTML help.


Blue Sky Software Corp.

800-459-2356, 619-459-6365

Circle #620 or Visit Winfo Online

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 74.

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