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New Products
Site Seeing on the Web

You can use the Web to see the sites, in fact, several sites at the same time. Netonizer lets you open an unlimited number of sites at once, making it easier to browse. It also provides univer-sal bookmarking, so you can bookmark files and directories from ftp, CDs, hard disks, floppy disks and other media.

Netonizer's WebWings browser features ActiveX technology and will hunt for text in pages you have previously searched but not bookmarked. It uses file-location transparency to find information based on meaning, not on physical location. Netonizer's FTPWings caches and indexes files and directories for offline use. Directories for Web and ftp sites are included. FTPWings also handles bulk downloads and uploads. The World Wide Information Manager bookmarks sites from LANs and hard disks.


Strategic Information Technology

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Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 74.

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