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New Products
In Brief

Tired of resending a 20MB file when all you changed were 500KB worth of revisions? DiffXChange file-exchange software can save you download time when transferring large files across the Internet, intranet or network. It sends only changes made to a file, not the entire file, helping you keep abreast of that latest software version, illustration or contract.



800-881-2546, 508-266-1921

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With Calypso, you can simultaneously view and access multiple e-mail accounts from one mailbox. The program supports multiple signature, blind send and blind copy, encoding support and autoresponse. The 32-bit Internet e-mail product also lets you communicate with older existing Internet mail systems.

One user, $79.95; 50 users, $2,399

Micro Computer Systems

800-886-4923, 214-659-1514

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Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 72.

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