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New Products
Lotus cc:Mail Release 7
More Manageable Messaging

A good e-mail package can deliver the mail; a better one manages it as well. With its new features, Lotus cc:Mail Release 7 aims to do just that. The 32-bit client supports message threading for group discussions. It has nested folders for convenient message storing, as well as an action bar and preview pane to help you quickly read and respond to messages. You can also delegate mailboxes to others.

Among cc:Mail 7's management features are message sorting, custom views and collapsible headers. New rules features include nested rules, rules set to timers and rules that open attachments. You can use rich text, including colors, bold, underscoring, italics, centering and mixed fonts. The software also supports OLE 2, and, with the message stationery feature, you can automatically add your company's logo and address to all outbound messages. If you use cc:Mail 7 remotely, you can automatically synchronize messages in folders, directory entries and your inbox.

Volume purchases, $55 per seat

Lotus Development Corp.

800-343-5414, 415-961-8800

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 72.

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