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New Products
In Brief
Business Productivity

Develop, fill and automate any form with FormTool Gold 3.0. Its new networking features include e-mail forms distribution in cc:Mail and MAPI environments. The program provides more than 400 predesigned forms and 20,000 clip-art images.



800-833-8082, 415-257-3000

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SmartForecasts 4.1 incorporates an Automatic Forecasting expert system to predict sales and product demand, and adds a new multivariate analysis module for cause-and-effect forecasting.

Standard Edition (forecasts up to 150 items), $895; Commercial Edition (forecasts up to 600 items), $2,995; Unlimited Batch Edition (forecasts unlimited number of items), $9,995

Smart Software

800-762-7899, 617-489-2743

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Cobra 3.0, a 32-bit cost-management application, helps businesses and government contractors manage and analyze budgets, actuals and earned value.

$7,000 per license

Welcom Software Technology

800-274-4WST, 281-558-0514

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Even without a statistical background, MarketSight can help you create telephone and mail-out surveys to collect information on almost anything, including sales prospects and customers.


Decision Architects

800-788-8840, 617-252-2000

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Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 62.

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