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New Products
HotOffice --Travel to a Virtual Office

If your small office doesn't have a LAN or intranet, it would more than likely benefit from their capabilities. HotOffice is an Internet service, geared to businesses with fewer than 100 employees, that delivers many network and intra-net features. To access HotOffice you need an Internet connection, Web browser and password.

With HotOffice your company gets a virtual office that is actually an encrypted space on the Internet. Here you access communications and productivity tools from five departments. The Communications Center lets you place telephone calls over the Internet; it also includes a chat feature and bulletin board. From Employee Tools you can download the Publishing Wizard, a Microsoft Office add-on that lets you create documents. It also includes a software library and Personnel Manager. Service Desk provides a travel center, news headlines and stock quotes.

$20 per user per month

HotOffice Technologies

888-4HOTOFFICE, 561-995-0005

Circle #551 or visit Winfo Online

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 62.

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