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New Products
In Brief

You can go fast around the curves with the Alps GlidePoint Wave Keyboard. The keyboard is split in the center and has a curved design that accommodates the natural angle of your arms and hands. The keyboard includes a built-in adjustable wrist rest, touchpad, special mouse key and a spill-resistant membrane key-switch technology. The mouse key turns the numeric keyboard into a mouse.


Alps Electric

800-825-2577, 408-432-6000

Circle #633 or visit Winfo Online

The Sejin FreeBoard Beamer wireless keyboard lets you work in comfort. The FreeBoard Beamer is long enough to sit on your lap and has contours at the bottom into which your legs fit. The trackball is in the upper right-hand corner, while the mouse buttons are on the upper left-hand side for easy access. The FreeBoard Beamer has LED openings on each front corner and one in the middle so you don't have to directly face the receiver.


Sejin America

888-273-3273, 408-980-7550

Circle #634 or visit Winfo Online

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 61.

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