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New Products
Digital Cameras
Take Your Best Shots

A digital camera can do more than take snapshots. The Ricoh RDC-2 is able to record and play back continuous motion scenes and sound as well as still images.

The pocket-sized camera (it weighs about 10 ounces) lets you shoot in five modes: stills, stills with sound, continuous motion, sound only and text (for document capture). The camera's remote control lets you take pictures at a distance or play back images for a demonstration.

The RDC-2 comes with PhotoStudio software to manage and manipulate image and sound files. The camera incorporates 2MB of internal memory that stores 19 high-resolution or 38 still images with 10 seconds of sound for each shot or around eight minutes of sound only. The camera comes with a 410,000-pixel, 0.25-inch Charge Coupled Device that captures high-resolution images at 768x576 pixels in 24-bit color. An optional LCD monitor with sound lets you view images right from the camera.

With monitor, $999

Ricoh Consumer Products Group

800-225-1899, 702-352-1600

Circle #631 or visit Winfo Online

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 61.

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