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A good teacher

I strongly disagree with Kevin M. Arvin's letter (Letters, December 1996) stating, "We need to get computers out of elementary schools, and focus on the basics." I'd like to introduce Mr. Arvin to some of my grandchildren who use computers in their elementary school and at home. This usage promotes learning the basics; they need the ability to read, print and find those letters on a keyboard.

Kids are eager to master the programs made available on computers, and many children probably learn more quickly because they are using the computer. A good teacher will be able to connect the basic lessons learned in the classroom with those made available via the Internet. And there's something more: Mr. Arvin should see how children help each other when using a computer. It's a perfect example of healthy interaction among young people.

Nancy K. Bigelow via the Internet

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 32.

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