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How To Buy
Sites to Be Seen
The following sites will provide resources for anyone who wants to make the most of a multimedia notebook.

http://www.cdmi.com/Lunch/multimedia.html. Multimedia Links offers resources on authoring tools, graphics, animation, audio, and links to related newsgroups and periodicals.

http://viswiz.gmd.de/MultimediaInfo/. The Index to Multimedia Information Sources is a cornucopia of multimedia information for business users, from FAQs, guides and tutorials to bibliographies and online galleries.

http://www.ima.org/. Find information on sponsored events, membership and more at the Interactive Multimedia Association's site.

http://yonder.com/pcrams/pcuglist.htm. Listings of and links to dozens of local PC group chapters are available on PC Rams' PC User Group List.

http://www.vividmedia.com. This company's site offers tips and strategies for developing multimedia applications, along with links to other relevant pages.

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 240.

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