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Screen Stars

-- by Eileen McCooey

The screen scene is changing, and with prices dropping steadily, you can get more monitor for your money than ever before.

Last year marked the first time 15-inch models outsold 14-inchers and some monitor vendors have even discontinued production of the smaller-size displays. System vendors, too, have added an inch to their bundles, with virtually all offering 15-inch monitors as standard fare.

Seventeen-inch models are coming on strong, too, particularly in the corporate arena and with users who are upgrading. Twenty and 21-inch units-popular with graphics professionals-still account for only a tiny portion of the market.

Monitor size: 14-inch

% of units shipped: 35.6%

Average street price: $285


Monitor size: 15-inch

% of units shipped: 38.7%

Average street price: $420


Monitor size:17-inch

% of units shipped: 22.6%

Average street price: $830


Monitor size: 20-inch

% of units shipped: 1.5%

Average street price: $1,730


Monitor size: 21-inch

% of units shipped: 1.4%

Average street price: $1,980

Source: Stanford Resources Inc., 2Q 1996, U.S. only



Refresh Rate: 60Hz

800x600: 28.8*

1024x768: 47.2

1152x900: 62.2

1280x1024: 78.6



Refresh Rate: 66Hz

800x600: 31.7

1024x768: 51.9

1152x900: 68.4

1280x1024: 86.5



Refresh Rate: 72Hz

800x600: 34.6

1024x768: 56.6

1152x900: 74.7

1280x1024: 94.4

* Bandwidth in MHz

Windows Magazine, February 1997, page 213.

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