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February 1997

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  • Start by Fred Langa
    Many of you are drowning in dribbleware, but there are ways to stem the tide.

  • The Explorer by Mike Elgan
    The marketplace--not the government--should keep Microsoft in line.

  • Windows at Work by Cheryl Currid
    Software vendors: Don't cast corporate users adrift in a sea of broken promises.

  • Dialog Box by Jeffrey S. Rose
    Low-cost network computers will push pricey PCs off the desktop.

WinLab Reviews


    The Registry Revealed -- Senior Contributing Editor John Woram makes sense of that mysterious entity known as the Registry in these excerpts from his best-selling new book.

    Dollars & Sense -- Start your fiscal fitness program now. These time- and money-saving tips can help you get the most out of the top personal finance and tax programs.

NT Enterprise Edition -- First Windows captured the desktop. Now, Windows NT is revolutionizing enterprise computing: More than 150 companies in the Fortune 500 are standardizing their intranets on NT; the leading platform for groupware is NT; and virtually every major hardware and software company is focused on NT. NT Enterprise Edition

So are we. WINDOWS Magazine has been continually covering Windows NT since 1992--longer than any other publication. Now, we're enhancing our coverage with NT Enterprise Edition, a magazine within WINDOWS Magazine that offers even more news, trends, product reviews, advice and just about everything else you need to keep your NT enterprise running. Subscribe now to have it delivered to your doorstep every month.

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  • Optimizing Windows by John Woram
    Now Hear This! -- Video is cool, but don't overlook the audio side of your multimedia productions.

  • Applications by Jim Boyce
    Be George Jetson -- His computing life was automated. With a nifty new utility, yours can be, too.

  • Power Windows by Karen Kenworthy
    Follow Orders -- Command lines and parsing hold the secrets to how a program is launched.

  • Windows NT Workstation by John D. Ruley
    Drip, Drip, Drip -- NT fixes and enhancements seem to arrive weekly. This dribbleware can drown your NT workstation.

  • Programming Windows by Martin Heller
    Awesome Animation -- Three-dimensional graphics chips and graphics libraries have set the stage for spectacular modeling programs.



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