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DayTimer Organizer 2.1
PIM Puts Time on Your Side

-- by Hailey Lynne McKeefry

I thought little could be done to improve version 2.0 of Day-Timer Organizer. Its plain and uncomplicated interface allows access to every sort of business tool, including scheduling, contact management, task management, notebook and expense tracking. But, to Day-Timer's credit, version 2.1 adds some bells and whistles that are music to my ears, including Web browser and e-mail support.

It automatically launches Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer to take you to a Web site noted in a contact record. Click on an e-mail address and Day-Timer will start up your VIM or MAPI e-mail system.

Version 2.1 integrates several new printing options, such as report titles, headers and footers. Quick fill data entry (a favorite la Microsoft Excel 95) speeds data entry by offering possible completions based on previous entries you've typed.

A problem in the earlier version of Day-Timer, searching, remains a problem here. Although it's simple to perform-just type in a name and the program jumps to the address book entry-it becomes unacceptably slow once you've accumulated a large database.

Despite its new features and elegant simplicity, Day-Timer Organizer 2.1 doesn't replace ACT 3.0 on our Recommended List. Day-Timer doesn't allow customization, while ACT lets you set up unlimited customizable fields and includes a customizable report writer and forms designer. However, if you like its similarity to the paper-based Day-Timer and are looking for ease of use and a straight-forward interface, Organizer 2.1 is a good choice.

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Day-Timer Organizer 2.1
Price: $59.95; deluxe, $79.95
Pros: Simple; complete
Cons: Search engine
Disk Space: 11.3MB
Platforms: 3x, 95
Day-Timer Technologies
415-572-6260, fax 415-572-9675
WinMag Box Score: 3.5

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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 166.)