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Perk up your page with a jolt of JavaScript. We scanned the Web for the coolest home-brewed scripts we could find.


Netscape's JavaScript Authoring Guide is a solid reference for prospective scripters. It details new features, provides tips and techniques, and explains language concepts such as expressions, operators and built-in objects.


The JavaScript Index lists the code available for games, calculators, widgets and more. The page also includes a roster of references and tutorials, plus links to JavaScript-centric newsgroups and chat rooms.


Poland's JavaScript Examples contains source code for some very useful scripts, such as automatic graphic changers, and marquee and newsfeeder text. The site also offers tips and techniques, and lists other useful JavaScript sites.


Cut-N-Paste JavaScript is a hot pot of cool caffeine. The page highlights new scripts each month and provides easy access to its impressive library of past picks via a form list.

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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 323.)