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Windows Online
Here's How
Read Your Daily News

You don't have to run to the corner newsstand to get your daily dose of current events. Online directories like Yahoo and Excite offer personalized up-to-the-minute news pages.

Yahoo's My Yahoo (http://my.yahoo.com) customization service lets you choose the type of news you want, with specific topics such as Computing: Internet and Industries: Health Care. My Yahoo also provides the firefly agent, an intelligent assistant that learns as you use it.

Excite Live! (http://live.excite.com) offers fully customizable contents. Want Dilbert on your front page? Does stock information get your blood pumping, or do you prefer horoscopes and oddball news?

You can also view current Web site reviews and saved personalized searches that you can rerun with a single click. Live's NewsTracker will automatically retrieve articles by subject.

Custom news is also available from the PointCast Network (http://www.pointcast.com). PointCast 1.1 is a free standalone Windows application that uses your browser connection as a news pipeline. PointCast puts the contents in the order you prefer, and fetches news, business and financial headlines, and information.

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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 323.)