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R & R: Resources and Recreation
Game of the Month
Out of Toon

-- by Ian Etra

Tex Avery fans, take note. Toonstruck puts you in the shoes of Drew Blanc (actor Christopher Lloyd), a disgruntled animator accidentally drawn into his own Saturday-morning creation. To return home, Drew has to stop the aptly named Count Nefarious (Tim Curry) from transforming the happy land of "Cutopia" with his evil device, the "Malevolator." The game seems mostly harmless and the characters sickeningly cute-until you begin to encounter "malevolated" characters such as Marge, the philanthropic cow transformed into a leather-clad masochist with pierced ear, nose and udder. Toonstruck combines live-action with animation, cartoon whimsy with sarcasm and the occasional perverse touch.

$59.95. Virgin Interactive, 800-874-4607, fax 714-833-8717.

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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 321.)