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Two Steps Forward ...

Could mean two steps back, at least if you're adding extra Pentium Pro processors to a server. At Networld/Interop last fall, we learned that processors in a symmetric multiprocessor system-a computer with more than one CPU-must be no more than one "stepping" apart. For example, that means you can't buy a multiprocessor system with one processor now, then assume that, somewhere down the line, you can add any old Pentium Pro chip as your second processor. The system vendor or user would have to track the stepping of the processor installed on the system, then hope-usually in vain-to find a match with an appropriate "stepping" to make the upgrade. An easier (but costlier) solution: Decide upfront and buy a system with as many processors as you're likely to need.

More Long Filename Blues

The Send To option that appears when you right-mouse click on a file doesn't preserve long filenames. If you mail an attachment with a long filename this way, it will appear okay inside the message. But if you or the recipient save or drag and drop the attachment, the file will take on its MS-DOS equivalent. Apparently, the short filename turns up in the message's header, and the long filename is only for show inside the message-that is, under the attachment's icon within the message.

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