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New Products
DeLorme Tripmate Hyperformance GPS Navigation
Let This Rodent Take You on the Road

Would you let a mouse serve as a tour guide? The DeLorme Tripmate Hyperformance GPS Navigation isn't a mouse, but it looks like one. It attaches to your portable computer's nine-pin mouse port via a 6-foot cord and measures 1.75 by 3 by 5 inches. When used with DeLorme's Street Atlas USA 4.0, the Tripmate receives signals from Global Position Satellites to display your location on your computer. Just hook it to your laptop and sit it on your dashboard, and you have a global positioning system (GPS) that is about half the price of previous GPS receivers.

The battery-powered Tripmate ships with Street Atlas USA 4.0. Arrows on the map show your position in real time. If your notebook doesn't have a CD-ROM drive, you can download sections of Street Atlas 4.0 from a desktop PC onto your notebook's hard drive. You can then navigate with Tripmate and the saved map data.


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