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New Products
In Brief

MicroNet expanded its storage products to include the MicroNet DLT210 Autoloader and the MicroNet DLT280 Autoloader for, respectively, 210GB and 280GB unattended backups. It also offers the MicroNet Ultra SCSI 9GB hard disk and the 100MB MicroNet Zip module for its DataDock line of removable storage. The Ultra SCSI 9GB disk also comes as a standalone unit.

DLT210, $10,395; DLT280, $12,995; Ultra SCSI 9GB, $3,930;

Zip module, $295

MicroNet Technology

800-800-DISK, 714-453-6100.

The HP Colorado T3000 Travan internal tape system offers 1.6GB of native and up to 3.2GB of compressed capacity and a 19MB per minute transfer rate.


Colorado Memory Systems, div. of Hewlett-Packard

800-469-5150, 970-635-1500

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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 108.)