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New Products
Tandberg MLR1
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Network and workstation tape drives are no longer just for backups. You can also use them to archive information and offload hard disks, tasks that call for larger storage capacities.

The Tandberg MLR1 employs Tandberg Data's new Multichannel Linear Recording (MLR) technology, which allows a 13GB native capacity and 26GB capacity with hardware data compression on quarter-inch tape drives. The tape drive transfers data at up to 180MB per minute in the compression mode.

The MLR1 has 144 data tracks, compared to 42 on previous Tandberg drives. The MLR1's servo tracking prevents overwrite of adjacent tracks at the higher track density. Tandberg claims the MLR1's thin-film magneto-resistive head results in an improved signal-to-noise ratio and lower error rates.

Internal, $2,749; external, $2,949

Tandberg Data

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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 108.)