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New Products
Rumba Mail Featuring 3M's Post-it Software Notes
Mail with a Post-it Stamp

You probably stick Post-it notes around the office to remind yourself, or a coworker, of an urgent chore or point of information. With Rumba Mail Featuring 3M's Post-it Software Notes, you can add electronic sticky notes to documents and e-mail them anywhere.

The program is always visible on your desktop as an icon that dispenses Post-it Software Notes. You affix the messages to documents and then e-mail them from within the document.

To send the notes, use the Rumba Mail Commcorder interface, which gives you access to all e-mail functions. The program formats the message to match the recipient's e-mail application. Then the Post-it note shows up as a placeholder inside the document, and the recipient double-clicks on it to view it.

Rumba Mail Featuring 3M's Post-it Software Notes includes a universal inbox called the Rumba Mail Tray, which appears when you drag your cursor to the top of the screen. This feature lets you receive Post-it notes and messages from any e-mail program immediately.

$149 per user for multiple mail systems

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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 106.)