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New Products
WinFax PRO 7.5
Send Your Faxes the Internet Way

There's a new use for the Internet: fax machine.

WinFax PRO 7.5 gives you the option of sending faxes over the Internet to fax machines off the Internet. Version 7.5 also includes TalkWorks telephony software, which allows a computer with a voice-capable fax modem to record and store voice messages.

With WinFax PRO, you don't pay a long-distance charge to send a fax if you're connected to the Internet. You don't even need a dedicated fax line or fax machine. After enabling the Internet fax service through the Setup Wizard, you can choose to fax through a normal phone line or through the Internet. You transmit the same way with either option. If you choose the Internet option, WinFax PRO 7.5 compresses and encrypts the fax and delivers it to a NetCentric POPware server for routing at 15 cents a minute.


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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 104.)