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New Products
In Brief
Web Site Design

Web Studio is a suite of site-development tools that lets you create sites with no programming. It includes WebEdit HTML Editor, Crystal Reports report generator, GIF image, image map, sound and animation editors, and Java applet development tools.


Luckman Interactive

800-711-2676, 213-614-0966

Hire your own Web detective with inWebstigator 1.0 site browser. It will inspect a Web site and inform you of changes and broken links, and perform search functions. The program works with any browser, and displays a site tree in an Explorer-like view.


Ararat Software

203-876-3300, fax 203-876-3301

Make your Web site sing with Internet Music Kit. The software lets you create, translate and embed original and previously published MIDI files onto your Web page.


Wildcat Canyon Software

800-336-0989, 510-527-5155

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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 98.)