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New Products
Send Sites into Orbit

Want to create a Web site that's out of this world? PlanetFX is an ActiveX-based program that lets you choose from more than 100 special effects, including wipes, diagonals, pushes, splits, blinds and rolls. Working with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and the Microsoft ActiveX Control Pad, you can access 103 multiple-pass dissolve and eight wand effects that you can use on any image, shape, toolbar, menu bar or other Web page element.

PlanetFX supports BMP, GIF, JIF, JPG, PCX, TIF, WPG and other image file formats. You can display images in default size. It's also possible to resize, rotate, crop, flip, mirror or dither images. A label control provides five built-in background styles.



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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 98.)