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Business Software

Do you write employee handbooks? Policies Now 5.0 provides WebLinks that take you to Web sites covering legal and policy issues. It also includes a Handbook Designer and an HR Forms Portfolio. Policies Now 5.0 lets you publish on paper, the Internet or corporate intranet.



800-727-1133, 707-762-0333

SPSS 7.5 is a 32-bit version of the data mining software. This upgrade features an ODBC Database Query Wizard, online statistical advisor and "What's This?" pop-up explanations. It can save results in JPEG graphic files or as HTML graphs and tables for the Web.



800-543-2185, 312-329-2400

If you have important data in more than one database, Transus' data conversion software will help you pull it together into a custom report. Transus-D is for standalone PCs or networks, Transus-DM lets you exchange files between your Windows PC and a Mac, and Transus-ML is a mainframe product.

Transus-D, $179; Transus-DM, $99; Transus-ML $695

Integra Software

864-627-5000, fax 864-288-7770

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