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Find Out How You Stack Up

How does your business compare to its competitors? Compare2, a financial analysis program, uses data provided by the Robert Morris Associates Annual Statement Studies to show how you measure up in your industry.

Compare2 provides business profiles and reports, including 16 common analytical ratios that can show earnings before interest and taxes/interest, net profit plus depreciation, debt/worth and sales/total assets. It also highlights multiyear trends and risk identification, and provides a five-year historical analysis for most industry sectors. Compare2 projects prospects based on what-if and worst-case scenarios.

Compare 10 companies, $429, $195 annual renewal; 25 companies, $750, $229 renewal; 50 companies, $1,295, $425 renewal; 100 companies, $2,195, $695 renewal

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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 90.)