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New Products
SureFire Decisions
Can't Make a Choice? Get Help

Are you the type who agonizes over important decisions, or do you rush in without examing all the facts? SureFire Decisions combines logic and intuition to simplify and ease the decision-making process.

SureFire uses three wizards to help individuals or groups reach a consensus based on factors they determine. One wizard makes quick decisions and another asks for more details. The third, the Precise Decision Wizard, provides more in-depth analysis. It prompts you to list choices or alternatives, identify important factors and indicate whether they are tangible or intangible. It also asks you to weigh the importance of each factor and rate the choices. SureFire then spits out the results in a color-coded table, graph or report.

The program also handles hypothetical or what-if scenarios, so you can see the results of potential changes. If you modify your input, SureFire immediately adjusts the results.


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